Catch ‘Em All: New Pokémon Fit Plush Toys Announced for June Release

Pokémon will be launching a new series of plush toys called “Pokémon fit” on June 15th, with prices starting at 1,430 yen. This collection will feature a total of 107 Pokémon, including those from the Kalos region in “Pokémon X・Y” and Zygarde Core from “Pokemon SunMoon.” Some of the characters included are Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie, as well as Vivillon and Furfrou with various patterns and forms. The “Pokémon fit” series will be available at all Pokémon Centers starting June 15th, with pre-orders starting on June 13th at the online shopping site “Pokémon Center Online” at 10:00. Additionally, pre-orders will be available on June 15th at Amazon’sPokémon Store,” with sales beginning on June 22nd.


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