Dragon Quest 12 Still in Production, Details Cannot Be Revealed Yet, Yuji Horii Explains Progress: “Until recently, we were in a meeting discussing that.”

The ‘Dragon Quest‘ series is a popular RPG where players take on the role of the main protagonist fighting against the Demon Lord who aims to conquer the world. The first game was released in 1986, developed by Chunsoft and published by Enix. Since its release, ‘Dragon Quest‘ has become a cherished and iconic title in Japan.


In May 2021, the production of Dragon Quest 12 was announced, with creator Yuji Horii describing the game as having a darker feel and being aimed at adult players. He mentioned that the command-based battle system has been completely revamped to offer a new experience while ensuring existing players can still enjoy it. Horii expressed his excitement for the game, believing it will be highly enjoyable. During “Dragon Quest Day,” he thanked fans for their support and mentioned ongoing discussions about the game. Although unable to share many details, he expressed determination to create something worthy of the legacy of two Legendary Artist Akira Toriyama  and Composer Koichi Sugiyama. He concluded his message by stating, “We will do our best!”


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