Dungeon Crawling RPG Witch & Lilies is Set To Debut in Early Access for PC through Steam on May 24

Dungeon Crawling RPG Witch & Lilies is scheduled to launch in Early Access on Steam for PC on May 24. The announcement came from developers Stromatosoft and Tasto Alpha. For additional information about the game, interested individuals can visit its Steam page.


Witch & Lilies is a unique RPG game that combines classic dungeon-crawling elements with a romantic storyline between young women. Players can assemble a party of five characters from a selection of 10 job classes and explore the ancient labyrinth left behind by a world-creating witch. The game features deep turn-based combat and expansive dungeon exploration, with each floor of the labyrinth presenting distinct challenges and unique monsters. Players can engage in strategic battles by leveraging the bonds between the girls and experimenting with party compositions and skill combinations. With the ability to customize characters through skill tree-based development, players can create teams tailored to their preferred playstyle and evolve their characters to acquire new abilities.


Image: Stromatosoft Inc.


The bonds between girls play a crucial role in the adventures within the game. The relationships among the characters are impacted by the player’s actions, with the strength of these bonds growing as the characters deepen their connections. As the girls form closer relationships, they become more powerful allies during their adventures. Within the player’s party, varying levels of fondness and dissatisfaction exist among the girls, leading to progress through date and confession events that can ultimately result in romantic partnerships. These romantic partners can protect each other in battle and unleash strong joint attacks, providing a significant advantage during adventures. However, love in the game is not always straightforward, with potential instances of breakups, challenges such as romantic rivals or jealousy, and outcomes that vary based on each character’s personality. As the party leader, players have the ability to dictate and pair the girls based on their compatibilities, balancing effective pairings for the adventure with their own preferences and managing the girls’ relationships accordingly. The approach taken in pairing the girls is essential for success, requiring strategic thinking and consideration of player inclinations.


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