Explore In-depth The Making Of Sega Rally Championship In A New Four-Hour Documentary

Sega Rally Championship

The ’90s saw a fierce competition between Namco and Sega in the arcade gaming industry. Namco’s Driver’s Eyes and Ridge Racer, along with Sega’s OutRun, Super Hang-On, Power Drift, and Super Monaco GP, were popular titles during this time. This rivalry continued with Ridge Racer and Daytona USA, battling for supremacy in both arcades and home consoles like the PlayStation and Saturn. Sega Rally Championship, released in 1994, further intensified this competition with its realistic portrayal of rally racing. Directed by Kenji Sasaki and produced by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the game was a standout title for the Saturn.


A documentary by PandaMonium delves into the development of Sega Rally Championship, offering exclusive insights and interviews. The documentary, available to PandaMonium’s Patreon supporters, will be released to the public on June 15th.


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