Fallout 2 Remake Devs Showcase Redesigned Pip-Boy

Many fans consider Fallout 2 to be among the top games in the series, alongside titles like Fallout: New Vegas and the original game. A team known as Fallout 4: Project Arroyo is currently remaking Fallout 2 utilizing the Fallout 4 engine. Their project involves voicing every character, overhauling systems, crafting custom locations, and preserving the classic essence of Fallout 2. Their ambitious goal is to modernize the game while maintaining its nostalgic appeal.


A recent Twitter update revealed the redesigned Pip-Boy, faithfully recreated within the Fallout 4 engine. The team is dedicated to ensuring authenticity by creating their own version of the Pip-Boy instead of relying on existing mods. The project lead has reported significant progress and plans to release the remake on Steam for broader accessibility. Fans of the Fallout series are eagerly awaiting the project’s completion and wishing the team success.


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