Ranking Mega Man 1 to 6, Which one is the best Mega Man on NES ?

Mega man NES collection
Retronews.com Mega man NES collection

After playing all the Mega Man games for NES, I decided to rank them from Mega Man 1 to 6. Each game has its unique qualities and differences. I compared gameplay, level design, difficulty, and overall enjoyment to rank them subjectively and determine the best and most memorable games in the series at least for me.


Mega Man 

Mega man NES signed Manami Matsumae
Mega man NES Signed Manami Matsumae

The original Mega Man game is considered good, although not the best in the series. If it didn’t have any sequels, it might have been considered one of the greatest NES games. However, it has some issues that were improved upon in later games. One major issue is that moving Mega Man is more difficult as he tends to slide after stopping, unlike in later games with more precise controls. This can be frustrating, especially in levels with instant-kill pits and spikes. The original Mega Man game is notoriously challenging, with no E Tanks available to replenish health mid-level, making it difficult to overcome obstacles. Even with a glitch exploit that allows for repeated strikes against bosses, completion of the game can still be a struggle. As the first installment in the series, it laid the groundwork for what would become an amazing series, but in comparison to later installments, it is considered the least satisfying to play due to its lack of polish.


Mega Man 4

Mega man 4 NES
Mega Man 4 NES

Mega Man 4 introduced the Mega Buster, a feature that allowed players to charge their regular attack for more power. While it was satisfying and convenient, it took away some of the excitement of acquiring new weapons from defeated bosses. The Robot Masters in this installment, such as Toad Man and Dust Man, were criticized for their seemingly silly names. The game’s soundtrack was also deemed forgettable compared to previous Mega Man titles. Overall, Mega Man 4 was not considered terrible, but it marked the beginning of the series beginning to feel somewhat stale.


Mega Man 6

Mega Man 6 NES
Mega Man 6 NES

Capcom introduced new features to Mega Man 6, allowing the player to equip either a jet pack suit or a power suit. These suits added a new dimension to gameplay, with the jet pack suit enabling players to reach new heights and discover secret areas. While the Robot Master weapons became less significant due to the suits, they still provided an enjoyable experience. Despite the game feeling somewhat familiar, it was the most visually stunning of the NES games, showcasing Capcom’s prowess in optimizing the hardware of the time.


Mega Man 5

Mega man 5 NES
Mega Man 5 NES

Mega Man 5 improves upon its predecessor, Mega Man 4, in various ways. The Mega Buster is now larger and easier to use against enemies, making gameplay smoother. The game features intriguing levels, with Gravity Man’s level standing out for its unique orientation-changing mechanics. Each level contains a hidden letter to spell out “Mega Man V,” adding a fun and rewarding element to the game. Players who collect all the letters receive Beat, a helpful robot bird that aids in defeating the final boss. While the Mega Buster still tends to overshadow the Robot Master weapons, Mega Man 5 is praised for its more memorable levels compared to Mega Man 4.


Mega Man 2

Mega Man 2 NES
Mega Man 2 NES

Mega Man 2 improved upon the original game in many ways, with features such as eight Robot Masters instead of six, enhanced platforming and controls, and more enjoyable Robot Master weapons. The game also featured an unforgettable soundtrack that set the standard for the NES Mega Man series. Iconic Robot Masters like Quick Man, Wood Man, Bubble Man, and Metal Man made their debut in this installment, with the Metal Blades being considered one of the best Robot Master weapons ever due to their ability to be fired in eight directions. Additionally, Mega Man 2 introduced a boss re-fight section where players could select the order of battles, creating a more fulfilling experience compared to the linear rematch structure of the original game.


Mega Man 3

Mega Man 3 NES
Mega Man 3 NES

Mega Man 3 is considered one of the best Mega Man games and a top favorite for many players. It features exceptional level design, iconic Robot Masters like Snake Man, Shadow Man, and Magnet Man, and a standout soundtrack. In this installment, Mega Man gains new abilities like sliding, which enhances his agility and speed for dodging enemies and attacks. The introduction of Protoman, Mega Man’s mysterious brother, adds an intriguing element to the game. Unlike its predecessor, Mega Man 3 offers new levels outside of the standard Robot Master stages and Dr. Wily’s castle, providing a more extensive gameplay experience. The addition of Rush, a robotic dog that can transform into a jet or submarine, adds a unique and enjoyable element to the game. Mega Man 3 also introduces the use of Robot Master weapons like the Shadow Blades and Magnet Missiles, encouraging strategic gameplay. Overall, Mega Man 3 is considered the pinnacle of the series and a must-play for fans of the franchise.


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Retronews.com Mega man NES collection


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