Relive the Sega Saturn Glory: Explore the Ultimate Collector’s Guide Now on Amazon

Seeking a casual read about your preferred 32-bit gaming system? Look no further; a newly published book by enthusiasts has got the perfect fix.


The Unofficial Sega Saturn Collection” spans 290 pages in a paperback form, having launched on Amazon not long ago. Inside, you’ll find vibrant, full-color imagery capturing various titles from the Saturn‘s repertoire, accompanied by game overviews from David Cameron, the head of One Up Gaming, a British gaming critique platform.


The book is retailing on Amazon U.S. at a retail price of $44, currently discounted to $34.76, marking a 21 percent price drop. For U.K. shoppers, Amazon U.K. lists it at £34.99. Those preferring a digital version can find it on Kindle for $9.99 or £9.99.


Amazon‘s description of the book reads:

The Unofficial Sega Saturn Collection is not just a mere coffee table decoration; it’s an ode to a console that defined a gaming generation and crafted countless memorable moments for players globally. It’s ideal for both die-hard Saturn fans and those new to its allure, providing an extensive homage to Sega’s venerable console. Relax, browse its pages, and reconnect with the enchantment of the Sega Saturn.”

On the SHIRO! Discord channel last weekend, Cameron mentioned that this publication marks his debut in the book world. His deep affinity for the Saturn inspired him to center on it for his inaugural self-published project.


He’s dedicated a couple of months to meticulous editing and roughly six to eight months to compile everything. Holding a sample copy recently, he conveyed the uncanny feeling of witnessing his work transition from digital files to a tangible book.


Cameron expressed that the tactile experience of physically handling the book after never having anything published before felt incredibly surreal and fulfilling.

He harbors aspirations to release a hardcover edition should the current version meet sales expectations. In the interim, Saturn enthusiasts are invited to delve into the paperback for a delightful exploration of the console’s game catalog.


Source: Segasaturnshiro.com

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