Gamer’s Dad Creates Stunning Zelda: Link to the Past Map Replica

A gamer’s father surprised them with a remarkable gift — a 3D printed map of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This detailed replica of the SNES-era Zelda overworld features iconic locations like Death Mountain and The Tower of Hera in impressive raised relief.


When shared on Reddit, fellow Zelda enthusiasts were astounded by the map and praised the gamer’s dad. Some fans even provided links for others to access the files and craft their own 3D map. Suggestions for utilizing the map varied, from incorporating it into board games to using it during Dungeons and Dragons games. Ultimately, the gamer’s gift has sparked envy among players due to the combination of the unique creation and the father’s evident passion for gaming.


[ALttP] Guys my dad 3d printed me a map!
byu/That_Guy_Reddits inzelda

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