Golvellius, the Action RPG from MSX2+, Arrives on the Nintendo Switch.

Golvellius MSX

Golvellius, the classic ’80s action RPG, is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Developed by Compile, the game was originally released in 1987 for the MSX as “Maou Golvellius.” A remake titled “Shin Maou Golvellius” was released in 1988 for the more powerful MSX2+, which is the version offered on the Nintendo Switch. Sega also licensed the game in the same year for its 8-bit Master System console, which may be more familiar to Western players. Players take on the role of the knight Kelesis, who sets out on a quest to rescue Princess Rena in the Valley of Monsters while also searching for his sister. According to Nintendo’s website, the game is an upgraded edition of the original ‘Golvellius‘ released for the MSX the year before.



The game features a unique blend of top-down and side-on perspectives, providing players with a challenging experience filled with tough enemies that require quick reflexes. While some may find the occasional scrolling screens leading to dead ends to be frustrating, the game comes highly recommended for fans of Compile and those who enjoy challenging action RPGs. Like other EGG Console releases, the game has not received a full localization, but it still holds appeal for RPG fans.

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