In September, The Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Will Be Released, Using The RE Engine

During Capcom Next, it was announced that Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster, the 2006 game, is set to be released on September 19, 2024. The remaster will come with quality-of-life improvements such as auto-saving, revamped controls, improved UI, and more.


It will be powered by the RE Engine, which has been used in recent successful titles by Capcom. The graphics, characters, environments, and effects have all been revamped and enhanced from the original version. The digital deluxe edition will feature additional costumes for Frank and music tracks for a more immersive experience. Dead Rising, originally released in 2006, has spawned multiple sequels, with the first sequel developed by Blue Castle Games and later rebranded as Capcom Vancouver.


The franchise has sold a total of 16 million units as of March 2024.


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