Konami Introducing a Three Year Program Called The KONAMI e-Sports Academy

Konami shcool

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. is introducing a three-year program called the “KONAMI e-Sports Academy“, set to launch in the academic year 2024 and commence in April 2025.


The academy aims to develop talent in the e-sports industry, moving from a one-year program to a three-year curriculum in collaboration with “First Academy High School” for high school students. This shift is driven by the growing interest in balancing e-sports and academics over the high school years and the increasing career opportunities in fields like professional players, streamers, and game commentators.


The academy boasts state-of-the-art practice rooms with high-spec gaming equipment and real-time monitoring capabilities. Additionally, students will have access to academic lecture rooms covering various subjects like SNS courses, IT basics, and communication skills. Guided by top-level professional e-sports teams, students will gain insights on winning competitions and engaging with fans through streaming, preparing them for a diverse range of opportunities in and beyond the e-sports industry.



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