Ranking the Best NES Dragon Warrior Games

Few gaming series hold as much influence and importance in the realm of video games as Dragon Quest. Regarded as the catalyst for Japanese role-playing games in their contemporary form, this franchise introduced numerous foundational elements to the genre, ranging from in-game menus to turn-based combat. Even today, these games continue to be celebrated as some of the finest creations in the medium.


Boasting a prestigious lineage spanning over thirty years and encompassing numerous titles, Dragon Quest has provided a diverse range of gaming experiences that cater to both seasoned players and newcomers.




Dragon Warrior III (Dragon Quest III)


Dragon Quest III is widely regarded as a prime example of how to make a role-playing game, expanding on the success of the series’ initial release. The implementation of the vocation system, providing distinct skills for each character, laid the foundation for future job systems seen in games like Final Fantasy III and V. This feature brings a personalized element to the game, enhancing uniqueness for every player. Exploration and combat in Dragon Quest III show significant enhancements from previous installments, making it conducive to enjoyable short gameplay sessions. While the storyline may have occasional shortcomings, it retains pivotal aspects that contribute to a rewarding overall experience. It is no surprise that Square Enix has revealed an HD-2D remake for this iconic installment.


Dragon Warrior IV (Dragon Quest IV)



Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest)



Dragon Warrior II (Dragon Quest II)


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