Mega Man Was Initially Developed As A Game For The Famicom Disk System

Mega Man Game Planner Akira Kitamura revealed on social media that originally, the game’s development was intended for the Famicom Disk System. However, due to Mega Man being the only Capcom title progressing on schedule at the time, the decision was made to change the format to a ROM cartridge. This change allowed the game to coincide with end-of-year sales, resulting in its release on December 17, 1987.


The choice to switch to a ROM cartridge was likely influenced by the larger player base of the original Famicom or NES, compared to the Japan-exclusive Famicom Disk System.


Kitamura also clarified the role of a “game planner” in the original Mega Man game, explaining that it is equivalent to a game director in modern terms. He further elaborated that in the current day, a producer manages the project, while the director oversees the development process.


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