MSX0 Stack Action Game “Penguin-kun WARS” Now Available For Download From Project EGG

On June 26, D4 Enterprise started the release of the MSX0 Stack action game “Penguin-kun WARS (MSX0 Stack version)” on their retro game distribution service “Project EGG“. The price is 770 yen.

This game is an action game released in 1995. Players control Penguin-kun and compete in tournament matches by throwing balls at animals such as cats and koalas on the other side of the table. A match consists of 3 sets, and the first to win 2 sets wins. If all 10 balls are thrown in or if there is no outcome within the time limit, the winner is determined by the number of balls. If there is still no resolution, a bomb will appear. The bomb will explode after a certain time, so caution is necessary.

Despite the simple concept of just throwing balls back and forth, this game is often misunderstood as simplistic. Players can enjoy utilizing various techniques. It is possible to hit the opponent with a ball to make them dizzy and extend their dizzy time by continuously hitting them. When being hit, one can rapidly press buttons to recover quickly or hit the left and right keys to move slightly while dizzy, avoiding consecutive dizziness. After a certain time from the start of the match, throwing the ball diagonally by inputting the left and right keys allows for more versatile play.

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