New Game-Breaking Glitch Found In Castlevania

The world of speedrunning video games is currently thriving with players actively seeking to discover the fastest route to complete well-known games by exploiting glitches. One such example is Castlevania, a classic Konami title that has attracted many speedrunners. Recently, a speedrunner unearthed the game’s “ultimate” glitch, showcasing the ongoing dedication and innovation within the speedrunning community.


SBDWolf‬ recently discovered a new trick that allows them to quickly reach the end credits from the game’s tenth level, cutting the speedrun time nearly in half. This technique involves using Arbitrary Code Execution (ACE), as demonstrated in a detailed video by YouTuber Karl Jobst. The process begins with a staircase glitch in level ten. Watching the video highlights why some of these glitches remain hidden for so long—it’s because triggering them is extremely random, making it challenging to uncover them.


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