New Horror Game Crow Country, Inspired by PS1, is Available Now

Crow Country

Crow Country is a game developed by indie studio SFB Games, the creators of the popular game Snipperclips on the Switch. In this game, players venture into an abandoned theme park as Mara Forest, a young woman seeking to uncover the mysteries behind the closure of Edward Crow’s amusement park and his disappearance. Players must manage limited resources, survive encounters with mysterious monsters, solve puzzles, and overcome various challenges.


The game offers the option of controlling Mara with either modern or ‘tank controls,‘ reminiscent of early Resident Evil games. Additionally, there is an Exploration mode where enemies and danger are disabled, allowing players to enjoy the game as a spooky adventure. Director Adam Vian from SFB Games is thrilled about the game’s release and looks forward to hearing feedback from players on their favorite puzzles, moments, rankings, and unlocked bonuses.


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