Nintendo Fan Creates N64 Controller Featuring Built-In Game Boy Advance

A talented Nintendo fan has impressively integrated a Game Boy Advance into an N64 controller, garnering attention and admiration from fellow enthusiasts. This unique creation has generated buzz within the community, with fans eager to learn more about its development process. While Nintendo typically revises its consoles by simply shrinking the original hardware, creative individuals within the dedicated fanbase frequently take it upon themselves to invent innovative modifications of classic consoles. The recent invention of a Wii as compact as a playing card serves as further evidence of this ingenuity.


Shared on Reddit by a user named MaSaKee, this project features a functional Game Boy Advance embedded within the design of an N64 controller. The device includes a slot for inserting game cartridges, allowing users to play both Game Boy Advance and classic Game Boy games. The adaptively designed controller also boasts a built-in speaker, a headphone jack for private listening, and LED indicators for charging status and power.


GBA in a N64 controller
byu/MaSaKee inn64



The final photo shows the inside of a controller where parts of a Game Boy Advance have been fitted, with the GBA’s circuit board being cut down to fit inside an N64 controller. The original GBA parts are still functional, and the outer part of the N64 controller was taken from a damaged one. Many people are interested in buying this unique creation, but it is unclear if MaSaKee is willing to sell or make more of them.

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