Opening Movie: Pro Baseball Power 2024-2025

Konami has released the opening video for its upcoming title “Powerful Pro Baseball 2024-2025,” featuring the theme song “RELAY” by Mikei Fujiwara, with composition by Naoyuki Sato. The game is scheduled to launch in Japan on July 18 and will be accessible to players on PlayStation 4 and Switch consoles.



The “eBaseball Powerful Pro Baseball” series, known as “Power Pros” globally, is a popular Japanese baseball video game franchise developed by Konami. Renowned for its unique, super-deformed character designs, the series delivers a rich playing experience and is officially licensed, featuring genuine team and player details from leagues such as NPB, JPBPA, and occasionally MLB, MLBPA, KBO, and KPBPA. In some editions, it even includes the World Baseball Classic license. Since its debut on the Super Famicom in 1994, the game has extended across multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Nintendo, and Sega consoles, along with handheld devices.


Within the franchise, “Professional Baseball Spirits” provides a realistic take on baseball, while “Power Pro Kun Pocket,” which began on Game Boy Color and extended to other handhelds, is aimed at mobile gamers and emerged from the main series as a separate line.

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