Our Review Of The Hidden Gem Blood Will Tell from the World of Osamu Tezuka

Blood Will Tell: Tezuka Osamu's Dororo


Osamu Tezuka left a mark with creations like Astro Boy, Black Jack, and Kimba the White Lion. Fast forward to 2004, and Sega rolls out a game spun from one of Tezuka’s more obscure works, Dororo — you might know it as Blood Will Tell. You dive into the shoes of Hyakkimaru on his epic mission to snatch back his bodily bits from a bunch of nasty demons. Dororo spices things up with its hack-and-slash gameplay in 3D, spiced up with RPG flair, so you get to boost Hyakkimaru’s skills as you go. This game’s got the goods visually, mixed combat moves, and a roster of bosses to keep things interesting. And hey, you even get to steer Dororo around at times, which is a cool twist. Sure, the camera can be a pain and the fighting might get a tad samey, but Blood Will Tell is a feast for the eyes and a blast to play, keeping it real with the manga that inspired it. The voice overs? Top-notch. The soundtrack? Killer. Those distinctive gameplay quirks? Spot on. It may not have caught on big-time with the Western crowd, but Blood Will Tell is one of those underrated treasures that’s a must for fans keen on the style or digging up a classic PS2 game to lose themselves in.


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