PS2 5000x Custom Cases


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Yoei, the mind behind ‘Retro Is Cool’¬†custom console shells, has launched pre-orders for their new PlayStation 2 shells. These shells are currently compatible with the 5000X and 5500X models, with plans to extend compatibility to the 3XXXX series in the near future. Customers looking to purchase can expect shipments by the end of the year, with shell options available in Opaque White or Transparent Black, White, Red, or Purple, priced at $99. Early bird orders placed before May 15th will also receive a complimentary matching vertical stand. Yoei stands out in the market for their emphasis on high-quality products, offering well-crafted shells that are noticeably more robust compared to other options available. Customers who prioritize top-notch craftsmanship and are willing to invest in a reputable creator will find Yoei’s shells to be a worthwhile purchase, especially when compared to inferior quality alternatives.

Place your pre-orders now at: Retro Cool PS2 Shell Early Bird Package

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