Rastan Saga II Is Set To Launch On PS4 And Nintendo Switch This Week

Taito‘s arcade hack & slash adventure Rastan Saga II is scheduled to be re-released on June 20th for PS4 and Nintendo Switch as the newest Arcade Archives release. Originally launched in arcades in 1988, the game serves as a prequel to the first game, detailing how the hero Rastan earned his moniker by rescuing the region of “Rastania” from malevolent monsters and an evil wizard. Like its predecessor, Rastan Saga II is a classic 2D side-scrolling game where players wield a sword to vanquish foes like skeletons and bats. Players can collect various power-ups including new weapons, health items, and magical enhancements.



Despite having larger sprites and an impressive soundtrack, the game is seen as a downgrade from the original due to subpar animation, uninspired level design, and underwhelming boss battles, resulting in it not attaining the same acclaim as its precursor.


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