Sigma Star Saga Returns: Modern Console & PC Release in 2025

Sigma Star Saga, a shoot ’em up RPG by WayForward, released on the Game Boy Advance in 2005, is returning to modern consoles and PC in 2025. It’s being remade using the Carbon Engine by Limited Run Games. Platforms have not been specified.


Here’s a summary of the game by WayForward:




In the year 2005, WayForward took gamers across the galaxy to discover new worlds and alien species. Twenty years later, it’s time to go back! Sigma Star Saga—the Game Boy Advance science-fiction adventure that combines elements of 2D space shooters and RPGs—is scheduled to return in 2025. Licensed by Bandai Namco Entertainment and powered by Limited Run Games’ Carbon Engine, this highly requested cult classic will be released on modern consoles and PC, as well as on a Game Boy Advance-compatible reproduction cart.


Featuring a unique mix of top-down planetary exploration and side-scrolling shoot ’em up space battles, Sigma Star Saga casts players as Allied Earth Federation pilot Ian Recker, who infiltrates the alien Krill Empire as a double agent in a last-ditch effort to save mankind from their onslaught. To do so, Recker must work with both humans and the Krill, exploring six planets utilizing an ever-expanding set of tools and abilities, and jumping into the cockpit to engage enemy forces in intense shmup-style combat using more than 70 different Gun Data items. Gorgeous pixel-art graphics, epic boss battles, and a twist-filled story with multiple endings await.


Additional details about Sigma Star Saga, including information on platform availability and news about physical editions, will be shared in the months leading up to the game’s launch.


Key Features


  • The Game Boy Advance classic returns after 20 years!
  • Top-down RPG-style exploration mixed with action-packed space-shooter battles!
  • Survive as a double agent for the humans and the Krill, and discover the secret of the six planets.
  • Stunning pixel-art graphics and fantastic soundtrack.
  • Explore using tools like the Scanner, Krill Boots, Wings, and more.
  • Customize your ship with more than 70 different Gun Data items.
  • Branching story with multiple endings.
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