Slave Zero X Released in Japan with Language Patches for Xbox, Steam, GOG

Slave Zero X is a biopunk 2.5D hack & slash side-scrolling action game that has launched in Japan today. Set in the mega-city S1-9 ruled by a ruthless dictator named Sofkan, players take on the role of a solitary warrior on a mission to assassinate Sofkan and seek revenge.


The game introduces new elements to the world of “Slave Zero,” taking place five years before the events of the original game. Players control the protagonist, Shou, who is voiced by Yuuki Yonai, executing stylish actions and chain combos with a sword to defeat enemies. The game features fresh graphics with a sense of depth, immersive sound experience with ’90s drum and bass music, and Japanese voice acting. Developed by Poppy Works and published by Beep Japan and Ziggurat Interactive, “Slave Zero X” is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Steam, with options for different editions and languages, offering a unique and thrilling gaming experience for players.

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