Storm Collectibles is Set to Release a New Action Figure From The “Cho Aniki” Series Soon

Storm Collectibles recently announced the upcoming release of an action figure based on the “Cho Aniki” game series. The announcement, made on May 3rd via their official account, featured an image showcasing the muscular back of a character assumed to be “Adon” from the game, with a caption teasing its arrival “COMING SOON.” Originally released in 1992 by Messiah for the PC Engine’s SUPER CD-ROM2, “Cho Aniki” is a side-scrolling shooter game known for its unique world view, muscular aesthetic, and music by Hiroshi Hayashi.


The series allows players to choose between characters like “Idaten” and “Benten,” with “Adon” and “Samson” being popular options. Storm Collectibles, a renowned producer of high-quality action figures, has previously created figures for franchises like “Baki,” “Street Fighter,” and “Darkstalkers. As of writing this on May 3, 2024, specific details about the “Cho Aniki” action figure, such as pricing and release date, have not been disclosed. Interested individuals are advised to follow Storm Collectibles’ official X account for further updates.


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