Tetris Has Collaborated With 7-Eleven To Launch A New Handheld Game

The 7-Eleven convenience store chain has collaborated with Tetris for a new merchandise collection, which features items such as t-shirts, hats, and additional clothing emblazoned with Tetris and 7-Eleven logos, now available in the U.S.


There’s no confirmation yet if these items will hit shelves in Japan, a country with a significant 7-Eleven presence.


One standout item is the Slurpee + Tetris Handheld Game Device, equipped with a 1.8-inch color screen for on-the-move Tetris gameplay, although it’s officially licensed. Buyers need to supply their own 3 AAA batteries or USB C cable since they’re not included with the purchase. Priced at $30, the handheld device is noted as “coming soon” on the product page.

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