The 2D Action Game “Iron Saga VS,” Featuring Mazinger Z and Dancouga, Will Now Include The Getter Robo Series

Gameduchy recently announced that the iconic “Getter Robo” will be featured in the upcoming game “Iron Saga VS,” a 2D fighting game that showcases mammoth mechs battling it out. Scheduled for release in 2024 on PC (Steam), this title is the latest installment in the “Iron Saga” series, succeeding the mobile social game “Iron Saga” available on iOS and Android since 2018. Fans can expect original mechs like “Susano,” “Mephistopheles,” “Kaguya,” and “Seiryu,” as well as protagonist machines from series such as “Mazinger Z” and “Super Beast Machine God Dancouga” to make appearances.


The inclusion of “Getter Robo,” a beloved mech from the 1974 anime series created by Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa, adds to the excitement. Known for its unique combination of three crafts transforming into different types, the gameplay footage showcasing “Getter 2” and “Getter 3” in action indicates an enjoyable experience awaits players despite the chibi-style visuals remaining true to the original design.

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