This PC Engine Mod and Restoration Is a Must Watch

The PC Engine lineup features a diverse range of gaming hardware options, including the TurboGrafx-16, CD-ROM attachment, Duo, GT, LT, and SuperGrafx. One standout model is the rare PC Engine Shuttle, introduced in 1989 as an affordable choice for younger players. Shaped like a spaceship, the Shuttle offered a unique and distinctive design within the PC Engine family.


PC Engine Shuttle, though not the best option for new collectors today, is still a highly desired hardware piece. Macho Nacho Productions recently acquired one from Japan at a great price and began a full refurbishment and upgrade project. The improvements included adding Zaxour’s Turbonanza upgrade, a deep system cleaning, and replacing all old capacitors with new ones. The renovated PC Engine Shuttle now delivers better performance while maintaining a cozy and enjoyable gaming experience, making it a valuable asset to any collection.


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