Unleash your inner King of the Monsters with the stylish Godzilla leather wallet

An expert Kaiju modeler has designed a wallet that features duo-tone textures inspired by Godzilla. This wallet not only serves practical purposes but also showcases the iconic and cool aesthetics of the King of the Monsters. With seven decades of cinematic history, Godzilla has proven its supremacy in the world of giant monsters, making it a fitting guardian for your cash and cards in this unique and stylish accessory.



This wallet, created by Akira Ibaraki in honor of Godzilla’s 70th anniversary, pays tribute to the iconic kaiju creature with its design. While not actually made from Godzilla hide, the wallet uses expertly crafted cow leather to replicate Godzilla’s rough exterior. The attention to detail is evident in the two distinct textures on the wallet, with one mimicking Godzilla’s chest and the other resembling his leg skin. Ibaraki, known for his exquisite renditions of Toho’s kaiju monsters, has captured the essence of Godzilla in this unique accessory.


The Godzilla wallet costs 32,780 yen (US$207) and is available on the Japanese online store Premico here.

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