Unlock Online Play For The GameCube: Discover the Affordable ETH2GC Ethernet Adapter by Extrems and Webhdx


Tito from Macho Nacho Productions recently posted a video showcasing the ‘ETH2GC,’ a custom ethernet adapter for the Nintendo GameCube created by Extrems and Webhdx. This innovative device utilizes Swiss software to make the console think it’s connected to an official Broadband adapter, enabling internet and LAN gameplay at a more affordable price point. The ‘Sidecar‘ model is priced at $35, while the ‘Lite‘ version costs only $15. Although the current version doesn’t support game loading via RetroNAS, a future ‘pro‘ variant may offer higher data transfer rates. It’s worth noting that the ETH2GC isn’t compatible with original game discs and requires a homebrew loading solution. The open-source ‘Lite‘ edition allows for DIY building, with a protruding cable that may require adjustment when used with the Game Boy Player. On the other hand, the ‘Sidecar‘ variant integrates seamlessly with the Game Boy Player and neatly channels the ethernet cable to the back of the GameCube. An added advantage is that no special Swiss configuration is necessary; simply load the latest Swiss release for smooth operation. Overall, this project provides a cost-effective alternative to the original adapters, making it a valuable addition to the GameCube community. For more GameCube-related content, viewers are encouraged to explore Tito’s other videos.

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