Final Fantasy Meets Fashion: Uniqlo’s Exclusive T-Shirt Collection Revealed

Uniqlo has partnered with Square Enix to launch a series of Final Fantasy t-shirts. The collection includes seven unique designs priced at 1,500 yen (approximately $9.73) set to debut in Japan by the end of June 2024. Currently, there’s no word on an international release. The lineup features three shirts from the FF Pixel Remaster series, adorned with Yoshitaka Amano‘s artwork and classic pixel sprites. The designs showcase a Goblin from the first Final Fantasy, Amano’s Moogles, and an image of Terra with Mog from FFVI.


The range also features two FFXIV-themed t-shirts: one with the Warrior of Light and another displaying favorites like the chocobo Alpha, a Fat Cat, and a Moogle popping out of a pocket. Rounding out the collection are two shirts inspired by FFXVI; one depicts Torgal baying at the moon, while the other shirt showcases the game’s Eikons.

View the full range of Uniqlo’s Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, FFXIV, and FFXVI t-shirts here.


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