Swap Out That Old NES Connector With The Cool New Open-Source Slotmaster

The NES is known for its durability, yet it’s not immune to the usual signs of usage over time.

Take a quick look online, and you’ll come across plenty of folks griping about the classic NES‘s 72-pin cartridge slot and the infamous ‘blinking light’ issue. This frustrating problem could mean anything from a simple dust build-up to a more severe malfunction, sending you on a quest for a new part.

Over the years, a myriad of solutions like the Blinking Light Win and the soon-to-arrive Ninten-drawer have cropped up to tackle this problem. However, we’ve recently stumbled upon another interesting fix.

Introducing the NES Slotmaster, a fresh, user-friendly, and wallet-friendly alternative for the 72-pin connector crafted by the developer Merlin Shaw. This open-source creation is turning heads with its simplicity and ease of assembly.

The creator assures that this nifty substitute can be installed in your NES console without needing significant changes. All it takes is a little nimbleness to open the top part and exchange the connector. Plus, you can create one for under $20! It’s designed with a through-hole technique, which simplifies the soldering process, especially for those just starting out. Additionally, it secures the NES Cartridge nearer to the door, which means you’ll have a much easier time taking out your games.

Keen on crafting your own? You can snatch up all the necessary files to set the ball rolling on Merlin Shaw’s GitHub page, right here.

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