Adventure Game Inspired by Zelda And Atari Exceeds Kickstarter Goal Raising Over $17,000 On A $200 Ask

Sheep Lass: Tower of Ragigund is a game inspired by classic Zelda and retro games that has exceeded its Kickstarter goal by raising $17,000, far surpassing the initial target of $200. Created by Robin Poe, the game offers a nostalgic experience reminiscent of NES-era adventures, focusing on challenging gameplay and puzzle-like dungeon navigation rather than a complex narrative.


Players assume the role of Bianca the Ewe, embarking on a quest to stop the evil sorcerer Ragigund in a dangerous dungeon filled with enemies and essential items. Originally envisioned as a small side project, the unexpected success of the Kickstarter campaign has allowed Poe to explore stretch goals such as hiring musicians for the game’s soundtrack, adding new features like random dungeon floors, and introducing an additional character. Despite joking about grand ambitions like running for U.S. President with a $1 billion backing, Poe remains grateful for the overwhelming support and looks forward to releasing the game on Steam in May 2024.


Sheep Lass: Tower of Radigund By Robin Poe
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