Kirby Cafe PETIT, a Take-out Dessert Shop Inspired By Kirby, Has New Items For Sale

The Kirby Café PETIT locations in Tokyo Station and Tennoji MIO, Osaka, are now open for business! The Tokyo location debuted on April 13th, and the Osaka location opened its doors today, on April 26th. Kirby Café PETIT offers a variety of delicious baked goods, including Invincible Candy banana tarts and Star Rod apple pies, perfect for takeout.


New “Star Block-like Scones” and “Jam Set Strawberry Milk” have been introduced at the takeout sweets specialty store “Kirby Café PETIT,” which originated from the Kirby franchise. Developed by HAL Laboratory, Inc. and Nintendo Co., Ltd., and distributed by Nintendo Co., Ltd., the renowned series “Kirby of the Stars” serves as the inspiration for the “Kirby Café.” These new offerings will be accessible starting on Friday, May 17, 2024.


Customers are encouraged to indulge in the delectable “Strawberry Milk Jam Set” along with the exclusive Kirby Café PETIT tea cups and plates, ideal for complementing the newly unveiled “Star Block-like Scones” that draw inspiration from the enchanting world of Kirby. Furthermore, the Kirby Café PETIT exclusive “Kirby Strawberry Pudding” will be temporarily available at both “Kirby Café TOKYO” (Tokyo Solamachi) and “Kirby Café HAKATA” (Canal City Hakata), ensuring a limited-time culinary experience for fans of the beloved Kirby franchise. The café also has a special section where you can buy exclusive merchandise such as plushies and snacks that are not available elsewhere, in addition to food.



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