Sakurai, Creator of Smash Bros., Justifies Stabbing Kirby in The Face

Masahiro Sakurai, known for his work on the Super Smash Bros. series, showcases his love for video games through his creation of the beloved character Kirby. Often referred to as “Sakurai’s son” by fans, Kirby holds a special place in Sakurai’s heart, as seen in his frequent social media posts featuring the cute pink character. Recently, Sakurai’s Twitter post, featuring a leisurely snack, drew attention for its resemblance to classic 19th-century artwork, highlighting his creativity and connection to the gaming world.



Family Mart in Japan is celebrating the anniversary of the first Kirby game by offering unique Kirbythemed treats called Kirby Manmaruyaki. These treats are a twist on the traditional imagawayaki, a sweet bean-filled snack in the shape of a hockey puck. The anniversary of the game’s release on April 27, 1992, is being commemorated with these special and whimsical snacks, showcasing the beloved character Kirby in a delicious and fun way.

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