Sony’s Clever Quick-Fix for the PSP’s Poor Action Performance


The original PSP struggled with action games compared to the DS because it used a beautiful but slower LCD, causing noticeable ghosting (whereas the DS favored response time over beauty).


However, this issue was resolved in the final PSP model (the 3000 series). If you look closely with a magnifying glass, you will see that the LCD array is not the typical



pattern, but rather,



Sony identified the issue of ghosting during color transitions on the PSP’s wide screen and addressed it by rotating the LCD orientation by 90 degrees. This adjustment successfully reduced ghosting more significantly in the horizontal direction, improving gameplay experience. As a result, the screen displayed interlacing lines running horizontally, a unique appearance for an LCD screen. Despite this visual anomaly, Sony’s innovative solution effectively enhanced the overall performance of the PSP. Nonetheless, this clever solution was impressive!


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