The legendary Nobuo Uematsu is back to score the epic finale theme for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy!

Nobuo Uematsu, the legendary composer known for his work on the Final Fantasy series, has agreed to compose the main theme for the third installment of the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy. While Uematsu has expressed doubts about his ability to compose an entire game’s soundtrack again due to physical and mental limitations, he has committed to finishing the set by composing the main theme for the upcoming game. In a recent conversation with the game’s creative director and writer, Uematsu discussed his sense of finality regarding his theme for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and expressed satisfaction with his contribution. Despite acknowledging the challenges of surpassing his previous work, Uematsu humorously mentioned taking a vacation before diving into the project. Reflecting on his career and legacy, Uematsu has expressed gratitude for the opportunity to continue contributing to the beloved series and hinted at a bittersweet sense of finality as he looks towards the future.


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