Sega Saturn Shmup Blast Wind Receives English Patch

Blast Wind

Technosoft’s Blast Wind,  rare Saturn shoot ’em up game originally released in Japan in 1997, now has an English language patch thanks to CF. The game has gained significant popularity among collectors, with copies fetching hundreds of dollars. Despite talks of a port to arcades as Inazuma Savior, the release was ultimately scrapped. Technosoft, facing financial difficulties during Blast Wind’s release, ceased operations in 2001, with their assets later acquired by Sega. The patch includes English narration for the game’s intro and introduces a new voice actor for the leader of the GORN Empire.


The current English text typos has been fixed, and the game’s audio has been adjusted to enhance the music volume. Furthermore, a 1CC guide has been included as a bonus for players. However, users should note that the patch is not compatible with the Sega Saturn Patcher.


According to CF, the patch consists of a set of folders and an .xdelta file. To apply the patch, users need to place their vanilla ISO in Redump format inside the ‘redump_original’ folder, and then execute the ‘apply_patch.bat’ file by double-clicking on it. The patch can be downloaded from this link.


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