Celebrate 20 Years with the Monster Hunter Anniversary Menu at Capcom Café

Capcom has revealed a lineup of collaboration menus and merchandise at “Capcom Cafe Umeda and Ikebukuro locations” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the “Monster Hunter” series.

In the latest menu reveal, five new incredible dishes are lined up, each offering a unique dining experience. Upon examining the menu, two standout options catch the eye. One is inspired by “Monster Hunter Portable 2nd,” a comforting and nutrient-packed Pappara Pasta generously sprinkled with powdered cheese. The other is a tribute to the in-game hunter’s meal, offering a special from Pokke Village’s Airu Kitchen: a delicious grilled shrimp and rice ball set meal dubbed “Nyaa.”
For those with a thirst for something adventurous, the drink menu impressively includes concoctions inspired by popular monsters like the Tigrex and Zinogre. Not to be missed is a set of three colorful drinks, capturing the fiery spirit of the Rathalos‘s rare drop, the “Flame Sac.”
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