Limited Run Says Sorry for Mistakenly Selling CD-Rs as Genuine 3DO Games

Limited Run says sorry for mistakenly selling CD-Rs as genuine 3DO games.

Limited Run recently released a ‘Collector’s Edition‘ for the 1995 horror title D on the 3DO console priced at $64.99. This edition included a three-disc set, but customers encountered issues as the game was on a CD-R type disc rather than a traditionally pressed one. The lack of copy protection on 3DO consoles meant theoretically it could read CD-Rs, but in reality, many consoles struggled with these discs, causing potential wear on the console’s laser. Pressed discs are created through a process using a glass master for replication, resulting in higher precision and compatibility compared to CD-Rs. Limited Run has apologized to customers, acknowledging the difficulties of producing games for hardware over three decades old.


They partnered with a leading disc replication service in North America and attempted traditional pressing but faced quality and reliability issues. To ensure full functionality with original hardware, they switched to CD-Rs with professional handling for maximum compatibility. Testing on in-house 3DO consoles showed no issues, but problems only arose upon customer delivery. As a result, all sales and shipments for this and upcoming 3DO games have been halted until a solution is found.



Our team is working with new partners to address issues with traditionally manufactured discs and is committed to providing replacement discs for our customers. Updates on the progress will be shared with customers, who can also claim a full refund on our support page at . Additionally, we have contacted buyers of D: The Collector’s Edition to inform them of our efforts to obtain replacement discs through our replication partners. The strategy for resolving the problems with 3DO discs is still unclear, as previous attempts have not been successful. This raises concerns about the impact on the upcoming release of Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties for 3DO, scheduled for shipment in August 2024.

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